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I'm a freelance graphic designer and photographer in Denver, CO. I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

I lived in St. Louis, Missouri for 18 years before I moved to Denver, Colorado. I was very successfu lmagazine graphic designer and media photographer in St. Louis.

As a media photographer I provided media coverage and photography of two hundred Black Tie Gala events, fundraising events for weekly publication LADUE NEWS in St. Louis for three years.


I done photography for LADUE NEWS, STL Magazine, St. Louis Business Journal and St. Louis Jewish Light for several years.  My pictures have been published in every St. Louis publication. Black Tie Gala event photography and the event media coverage become my every week assignment for LADUE NEWS.

I was a graphic designer, production atist and photographer at editorial and production departments at St. Louis Jewish Light. St. Louis Jewish Light is the biggest publication in St. Louis and it celebrated 50th anniversary.

I designed weekly newspaper "St. Louis Jewish Light" and St. Louis Jewish Light four quarterly magazines.


I was associate publisher, a graphic designer and an owner of national bi-monthly magazine "TRAVELHOST of Greater St. Louis", #1 visitor publication in the country-reaching travelers around the world. I designed and published the magazine.


As an international media photojournalist I had been covered the story about Chernobyl Nuclear Catastrophe and Nuclear Radiation Effect, First Russian and Ukrainian presidents’ elections, Soviet Union Empire collapse, Interview with Michael Gorbachev and many other historic figures. I was a photojournalist in Moscow in 1990-1992 during historical changes of Soviet Empire. I worked side by side with the famous photojournalists from Time magazine, Newsweek magazine, Fortune magazine, and CNN.  I was a freelance photographer for German News Magazine Der Spiegel for five years and I provided media coverage of Chernobyl Catastrophe effect in Ukraine. People in St. Louis had opportunity to see my photography at my photo expo "Remembering Chernobyl, 20 years Later" at Missouri History Museum on October 24, 2006.

I have a great opportunity to see the world and visit 15 countries. I love travel and learn about different cultures and traditions.
Check my pictures about Hawaii at


I love photography because I can capture the moment that will never return, and I can capture the face that define the person. I love graphic design because I can create beauty and make the world the better place. The information is a power, and the image can record the history and change everything.

Lyubov Strauss
email: Lstrauss831@gmail.com
cell: (314) 606-8249

* I use my photography for my website header for each page.

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